PeaceQuiet® is a Private Tantra Massage Temple


PeaceQuiet® is a Private Tantra Massage Temple.

Founded in 2002 by Shakti Verah, PeaceQuiet is a sacred space designed to hold Traditional Tantra Massage, Traditional Tantra Erotic Massage, Meditation, Self-enquiry, Tantra Counselling and Tantra energetic body work. Our skills are shared through our one to one session, workshops and group meetings.

We use Tantra massage as a tool. Having been named after Tantra, the massage suggests that traditional Tantra teachings must be at its core.  For PeaceQuiet Tantra massage offers a space of freedom and a moment of trust where free expression of emotions, feelings sensations of body cells are encourage and invited to be expressed with laughter  tears and every emotions that might arise spontaneously.

At PeaceQuiet® our aim is simple and uncomplicated, we point directly to that which we are looking for as opposed to the imperfections that we see as the obstacle to our aims and goals.

We make no promises besides the fact that we are here to support genuine enquiry. PeaceQuiet is not kin on concepts as we leave all belief systems and theoretical work, including religion and spirituality aside. We are only concerned with the essence which for us mean that which is experienced directly through the recognition of mind versus no mind body versus no body.

PeaceQuiet® website does offer detailed information about our approach, our tools and methodology. Follow the links if you wish to book your one 2 one session. Maybe you rather read more about our Shiva massage, Shakti Massage or maybe you are more interested in Shiva-Shakti Massage.

Our pricing page offer our prices If massage is not for you why not try meditation, or even a traditional Tantra counselling

Our skills are diverse so we can easily tailor a session that is relevant to you, drop us an email. Sign up for news alerts, we will keep you informed of all future events and up-coming meetings, tantra massage retreats, and meditation workshops.

If you would you like to work with us that’s perfect providing you are happy to embrace our asexual, non-dualistic traditions, we are here, should you want to enquire contact us.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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We do Tantra Spiritual Massage

  • Tantra Massage
  • Tantra Erotic Massage
  • Meditation
  • Self Enquiry
  • Tantra Spiritual Massage West Midlands

We help individual carve a path for emotional stability, mental and psychological wellness. Our Tantra Spiritual Massage often known as tantric massage point towards a naturally joyful, sensual, orgasmic and pleasurable body cell as opposed to the fantasies, the various issues raised by our thinking. We also work through:

  • Energetic body work
  • Greeting ritual
  • Tea ritual
  • Washing ritual

Our Meditation  Tantra Massage  Erotic Massage is located in the beautiful Warwickshire West Midlands and we are here 7 days a week 8:00 to 21:30.

Tantra Massage Benefits

Who am I / What is self the answer to this is central to our work.

At a fundamental level the benefits are life changing skill and opportunity as the Tantra Teachings and the Tantra Massage often enable people the ability to:

  • Recognise dysfunctional duality
  • Be Aware of what is real versus a projection
  • Able to cultivate neutrality
  • Celebrate the Here – Now
  • Embrace timelessness

People often come to us with day to day issues such as:

  • lack of sleep looking for restfulness
  • stress looking for tantric relaxation and inner balance
  • loneliness looking for deeper Tantra spiritual love
  • loss and bereavement looking for Tantra emotional stability
  • emotional and physical abuse  looking for tantra healing
  • erectile dysfunction looking for renews confidence with Tantric massage.

We are here in West Midlands ready to help you and support you within the traditional Tantra and the traditional Tantra Massage therapeutic way.


Tantra Practitioners

Our practitioners are trained and qualified in Tantra Massage and tantra erotic massage as developed by zen master Andro Andreas Rothe, Berlin 1975. Andro is still alive and can be contacted via his Institute of tantra massage Diamond Lotus Berlin. Tantra is from India -Tibet but Tantra Massage is from Berlin, clearly there is a massage called tantra but Tantra is not a massage equally there are not tantric temples in India; India is a country of temples named after individual deities not tantra per ce. Our practitioners are well versed around issues concerning traditional skills of tantra way of life and the essence this skills are aimed at in a positive genuine fruitful way. Shakti Verah is also a follower of Advaita tradition of non dualistic self enquiry. Our lives are dedicated to Tantra way of life. Our practitioners are here to share individual experiences and direct understanding.

For the interest of safety and security we will record call from people calling to insult and disrespect our practitioners. As a registered business is our duty to protect the mental psychological and emotional welfare of our practitioners as such we will take the necessary steps against those who call our practitioners with unflattering requests abusive and offensive language. Our practitioners are not associated with sex industry and adult entertainment we hope people can recognise the boundary between traditional tantra massage and all else sold and presented as tantra and tantric massages. Here we are concerned with traditional teachings and traditional tantra way of being perceiving and celebrate life. Respect us unconditionally. Namaste Aum

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